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Entities are words or phrases in utterances that are key data in your application’s domain.

Entity compared to intent

The entity represents a word or phrase inside the utterance that you want extracted. An utterance can include many entities or none at all. An entity represents a class including a collection of similar objects (places, things, people, events or concepts). Entities describe information relevant to the intent, and sometimes they are essential for your app to perform its task. For example, a News Search app may include entities such as “topic”, “source”, “keyword” and “publishing date”, which are key data to search for news. In a travel booking app, the “location”, “date”, "airline", "travel class" and "tickets" are key information for flight booking (relevant to the "Bookflight" intent).

By comparison, the intent represents the prediction of the entire utterance.

Entities are data you want to pull from the utterance. This can be a name, date, product name, or any group of words.

While intents are required, entities are optional. You do not need to create entities for every concept in your app, but only for those required for the app to take action.

If your utterances do not have details your bot needs to continue, you do not need to add them. As your app matures, you can add them later.

If you are not sure how you would use the information, add a few common prebuilt entities such as datetimeV2, ordinal, email, and phone number.

If the word choice or word arrangement is the same, but doesn't mean the same thing, do not label it with the entity.

The following utterances, the word fair is a homograph. It is spelled the same but has a different meaning:

If you wanted an event entity to find all event data, label the word fair in the first utterance, but not in the second.

Entities are shared among intents. They don't belong to any single intent. Intents and entities can be semantically associated but it is not an exclusive relationship.

In the utterance "Book me a ticket to Paris", "Paris" is an entity of type location. By recognizing the entities that are mentioned in the user’s input, LUIS helps you choose the specific actions to take to fulfill an intent.

All intents, including the None intent, should have entities labeled. This helps LUIS learn more about where the entities are in the utterances and what words are around the entities.

LUIS offers many types of entities; prebuilt entities, custom machine learned entities and list entities.

Prebuilt entities are custom entities provided by LUIS. Some of these entities are defined in the open-source Buy Cheap Extremely Giorgio Armani Short Linen Coat Visit New Cheap Online Fashionable Cheap Online Clearance Pre Order Free Shipping 2018 New YOEJl0Sh
project. There are many Brand New Unisex FRAME Le High Skinny MidRise Jeans Fashionable For Sale Buy Cheap Visa Payment Free Shipping Authentic Sale Pictures yNgruvwq3
in the /Specs directory for the supported cultures. If your specific culture or entity isn't currently supported, contribute to the project.

The importance of the dorsal insula had previously been highlighted in a somewhat horrifying experiment conducted by Laure Mazzola, a neurologist at the Lyon Neuroscience Research Center, in France.
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But when a baby suckles a mom’s breasts, the mother’s brain’s lobe secretes oxytocin, and some of that pain is relieved with the release of milk.
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Take, for example, kettlebell swings, which build up strength in your chain, or the muscles on the backside of your body.
jenny mccoy , SELF , "What Exactly Is a Kettlebell Specialist?," 12 June 2018
Among the brain’s many pain-producing patterns, however, there is only one region that is consistently active at a high level: the dorsal region of the insula.
nicola twilley , The New Yorker , "The Neuroscience of Pain," 9 May 2016
Generally, knee and lower-back issues come from a weakened chain—glutes, hamstrings, and calves.
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Robertson saved the Saints' the past two seasons playing all over the linebacker map.
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This latest controversy swirling around Miss Bumbum’s isn’t the first time the pageant has made headlines.
janine puhak , Fox News , "Miss Bumbum’s first transgender contestants spark backlash," 11 May 2018
What is the crucial difference between these regions and much of the prefrontal cortex, which does not directly contribute to subjective content?
christof koch , Scientific American , "What Is Consciousness?," 8 May 2018

These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'posterior.' Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us feedback .

Proposed Sewer Lateral Ordinance For Occidental County Sanitation District

The Sonoma County Water Agency (Water Agency) will hold a series of community meetings to discuss a proposed sewer lateral ordinance aimed at preventing sewer overflows that occur during heavy rains. The ordinance would apply to the Russian River and Occidental County Sanitation Districts, and the Airport/Larkfield/Wikiup, Geyserville, and Sea Ranch Sanitation Zones, all of which are operated by the Water Agency.

The ordinance would provide the Water Agency with the ability to inspect, and if necessary, require the repair of sewer laterals that are failing and contributing to pollution and sewer overflows. The proposed ordinance will require any point-of-sale sewer lateral inspections or repairs. The proposed ordinance would not include a mandatory inspections program, but if faulty laterals are detected during routine inspections, the Water Agency could require repairs. An inspection could also be required if a main sewer line that is connected to the lateral is being replaced or rehabilitated. The ordinance is proposed in five sanitation zones and districts the Water Agency manages in Sonoma County.

The proposed ordinance is intended to reduce "inflow and infiltration," the process through which storm water enters the sewer collection system during storms. During a heavy rain, storm water from cracked or improperly connected private laterals can overwhelm the sanitary system, resulting in sewer overflows. These overflows pollute creeks, can damage private property, and result in fines to the zone or district. To gather input on the proposed ordinance, the Water Agency will host three community meetings to share additional information and discuss community concerns. Read more ...

Occidental County Sanitation Districtto Airport-Larkfield-Wikiup Sanitation Zone Wastewater Transport Project

In December 2017, the Board of Directors of the Sonoma County Water Agency (Water Agency), which operates the Occidental County Sanitation District’s (District) Wastewater Treatment Facility, approved a project for transporting untreated wastewater from the OCSD to theAirport-Larkfield-Wikiup Sanitation Zone (ALWSZ) for treatment, storage, and reuse to avoid future discharges into Dutch Bill Creek and potential violations of the District’s operating permit.

The Project, which is currently under construction, will allow the Occidental County Sanitation District (District) to comply with conditions set forth by the North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board in Order No. R1-2012-0101 (Order). This order requires the OCSD to cease discharging secondary treated recycled water to Dutch Bill Creek by January 31, 2018. The Project includes transporting untreated wastewater to the ALWSZ wastewater treatment facility for treatment, storage, and disposal. The ALWSZ wastewater treatment facility currently treats wastewater to secondary and tertiary standards and utilizes irrigation of agricultural lands for disposal of secondary and tertiary-treated recycled water.

Past Project Proposals (These proposals are no longer being considered)

Occidental County Sanitation District Sewer Wastewater Compliance Transport Project

The Occidental County Sanitation District Sewer Wastewater Compliance Transport Project proposed Occidental’s wastewater be transported, treated and discharged at treatment plants near Guerneville and Airport Business Park by making minor modifications to the District's wastewater treatment facility on Lu Dan Road, lift station on Bohemian Highway, and the Russian River County Sanitation District's main lift station and an adjacent parcel of land.

The Project was needed to bring the District into compliance with the North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board's law to protect the habitat for endangered coho salmon that live in the watershed where recycled water is discharged.

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, in compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act, was released on December 21.A public hearing was held on February 16, at 6 p.m. at the Monte Rio Community Center. Comments made at the Public Hearing were recorded.

Draft Initial Study/Negative Declaration (PDF)

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Occidental Wastewater Treatment Facility Recycled Water Project

The Occidental County Sanitation District conducted a study for the Occidental Wastewater Treatment Facility Recycled Water Project to upgrade the treatment plant and change how the recycled water is managed. The Initial Study is a preliminary analysis of the project’s potential environmental impacts, and is used to determine whether a Negative Declaration or an Environmental Impact Report will be prepared. The Project proposes beneficially re-using recycled water for agricultural irrigation on farms near the District. California has among the strictest laws on recycled water in the United States. Disinfected tertiary treated recycled water can be used for everything except drinking. Learn more about recycled water. To learn more about the District and the proposed project, please see the following documents:

Occidental Storage Pond and Recycled Water Project

Public Meetings

The Occidental County Sanitation District’s (District) regularly holds community meetings to inform, educate and seek input from ratepayers and surrounding residents on possible solutions for treating, storing, and disposing of wastewater generated in Occidental. The District currently discharges recycled water into a pond located at the headwaters of Dutch Bill Creek during the summer and to Dutch Bill Creek during the winter. The District is required by the North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board to stop releasing recycled water into the pond. The District is currently examining feasible projects that meet the unique requirements of Occidental.

Materials from the February 16, 2017 Meeting:

A public hearing was held February 16, at the Monte Rio Community Center.

Materials from January 7, 2016 Meeting:

A public meeting was held on Thursday, January 7, 6 – 8 p.m. at the Union Hotel. The purpose of the meeting is to review a recently completed alternative’s analysis of treatment options.

Materials from January 8, 2015 Meeting:

Materials from September 30, 2014 Meeting:

Materials from March 13, 2014 Meeting:

Materials from October 24, 2013 Meeting:

About the District

Ongoing Programs

Newsletter/Proposition 218 Notice


Contact Information

Douglas Messenger, 707-547-1952 or [email protected]

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