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The CMX Guide to Community Platforms, 2nd Edition [New Resource]


Since launching our first edition of The CMX Guide to Community Platforms back in 2015, the landscape for community software has changed drastically. More large enterprises are buying software, the platforms are starting to define standards (that may or may not map back to what you need in your organization), and community builders like you are becomingfar more savvy about what they need in a community platform.

The CMX Guide to Community Platforms

Despite our growth, we know there is still work to do. In 2016, we researched the platform decisions of over 400 community professionals and found that only 4 in 10 were applying a rigorous approach to making their community platform decision

only 4 in 10 were applying a rigorous approach to making their community platform decision

This is definitely an area where a little education can go a long way. Community platforms range from “free” (minus the thousands of hours of your company’s time to implement and maintain) to hundreds of thousands of dollars in licensing fees and development work annually. This is no small investment.

For this reason, picking a community platform should not necessarily be easy . But, at the very least, there should be a clear process to making this decision, and comparing all the best platforms should be a cinch.

So we set out to better educate the market.

Dive right in to the best platforms on the market today. Click here.

What’s included in this resource?

The 8 Questions You Must Ask Before Picking a Platform

We’ve identified and clarified the questions you need to askbefore diving straight into all the platforms on the market.

When you go through these eight questions and find the answers, you’ll be doing the prep work you need to dobefore launching into the full software selection process. Then you’ll go into conversations with stakeholders prepared and confident.

A Well-Defined Comparison Table Easily Downloadable Platform Reviews

In addition to the robust introductory information in this guide, this edition includes downloadable sheets for every single platform we review, so you can just take what you need from the resourceand share it with your team in whatever way is easiest for you.

Plus, the last portion of the guide includes a downloadable table of side-by-side feature comparisons for every single platform in the guide.

ADownloadable, Editable Platform Review Sheet

Our fully downloadable Google Doc inside the ebook allows you to make long lists and break them down into short lists to share with your team. We walk you through exactly how to use the downloadable review sheet so you’re not on your own.

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Inicio Nutrición y Ejercicio Ejercicios Cardiovascular

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Somos el sitio líder de estilo de vida en México y América Latina. Sumamos a los mejores expertos, para mejorar tu calidad de vida.

Un método curioso y sencillo para saber qué tan buena es tu condición física es poner a prueba tu flexibilidad . Un ejercicio simple es determinar cuánto esfuerzo te lleva sentarte en el piso y después ponerte de pie sin usar ningún apoyo.

condición física flexibilidad ejercicio esfuerzo sentarte ponerte

La condición física está determinada por el nivel de fuerza , resistencia , flexibilidad , coordinación y velocidad para realizar con facilidad diversas actividades físicas o deportivas.

fuerza resistencia velocidad
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Para determinarla fácilmente y sin gastar tantos recursos, Claudio Gil Soares de Araújo , director Médico de la Clínica de Medicina del Ejercicio de Rio de Janeir o, Brasil, desarrolla el método Sitting-Rise Test . Consiste en la habilidad sentarte y pararte sin recurrir a ningún apoyo.

Claudio Gil Soares de Araújo Clínica de Medicina del Ejercicio de Rio de Janeir Sitting-Rise Test

Para medir tu condición física con el método Sitting-Rise solo necesitas usar ropa cómoda y, si lo prefieres, la ayuda de un amigo .

Sitting-Rise ropa cómoda

1. Párate derecha en una habitación en donde tengas suficiente espacio.

2. Sin usar tus brazos y manos para impulsarte, comienza a agáchate hasta que quedes sentada con tus piernas cruzadas.

3. Mantén esa posición (sentada) por unos segundos y luego trata de levantarte sin usar nada de apoyo.

Esta prueba se mide con una escala del 1 al 10. Ganas 5 puntos al sentarte y otros 5 al pararte.

inRead invented by Teads

Cada vez que uses un brazo, rodilla o manos como apoyo se descuenta un punto. Si pierdes el equilibrio o la fuerza se resta medio punto.

Release a lock. This can be called from any process or thread, not only the process or thread which originally acquired the lock.

Behavior is the same as in threading.Lock.release() except that when invoked on an unlocked lock, a ValueError is raised.

A recursive lock object: a close analog of threading.RLock . A recursive lock must be released by the process or thread that acquired it. Once a process or thread has acquired a recursive lock, the same process or thread may acquire it again without blocking; that process or thread must release it once for each time it has been acquired.

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is actually a factory function which returns an instance of multiprocessing.synchronize.RLock initialized with a default context.

RLock supports the context manager protocol and thus may be used in with statements.

When invoked with the block argument set to True , block until the lock is in an unlocked state (not owned by any process or thread) unless the lock is already owned by the current process or thread. The current process or thread then takes ownership of the lock (if it does not already have ownership) and the recursion level inside the lock increments by one, resulting in a return value of True . Note that there are several differences in this first argument’s behavior compared to the implementation of threading.RLock.acquire() , starting with the name of the argument itself.

When invoked with the block argument set to False , do not block. If the lock has already been acquired (and thus is owned) by another process or thread, the current process or thread does not take ownership and the recursion level within the lock is not changed, resulting in a return value of False . If the lock is in an unlocked state, the current process or thread takes ownership and the recursion level is incremented, resulting in a return value of True .

Use and behaviors of the timeout argument are the same as in Lock.acquire() . Note that some of these behaviors of timeout differ from the implemented behaviors in threading.RLock.acquire() .

In an airport, there is a limit to what we can consume, and even in this world the retail that is there is still Mr. Bean on the sexy scale.

2. Operating Retail And Coworking At Scale Will BeNearImpossible

Even if one can get past the last point, managing and operating retail within coworking spaces for large-scale national impact is a fool's errand for a few reasons.

First, retailers traditionally have difficulty operating their concepts in footprints that vary from their norms. Macy's is smart to try and leverage b8ta to overcome this difficulty on the technical side, but the code on how to rinse and repeat such efforts across numerous disparate locations is nowhere near cracked. Even Macy's is first trying to crack the code and leverage b8ta only within its own footprints.

Why is it so hard?

Variances in location dynamics make supply chain forecasting, allocation, replenishment, in store operations and staffing even more complex than they already are for retailers. It is much easier if every box is close to the same size and operates roughly the same way. Involve different sized footprints, different operational parameters, and different partners, and things get complicated pretty quickly.

Visual recognition technology could help over time by reducing the need for sales staff via checkout-free experiences, but adopting this technology at scale will take time and also could be limited to certain types of retail, i.e., commodity and packaged-good type purchases.

Second, coworking even in and of itself is limited in its own scale and reach.

Regardless of whether one buys into the argument that coworking is already an overvalued concept , it is hard to see how coworking impacts retail beyond major metropolitan areas.

Coworking is not a concept for locales like Scottsbluff, Nebraska, for example, so consumers across the country will still need more efficient means of physical retail than coworking can ever provide.

3. Nobody Wants To Take His Or Her Family To Work On The Weekends

An often overlooked statistic in the retail world is just how much shopping within physical locations is done on the weekends. According to National Real Estate Investor, approximately 50% of all retail traffic occurs across Saturday and Sunday . Weekend traffic is therefore the lion's share of retail or, better yet, what is most under siege via the impending apocalypse.

In a world where the only remaining points of differentiation between a physical and a digital retail experience are taction (i.e. touching, feeling, trying things on) and the memories and delights of being somewhere, it is hard to imagine a world where shopping,which is currently a desired weekend social activity, becomes a weekday workplace activity instead.

It won't happen.

Nor will it happen on the weekends either. On the weekends, when people, and especially families, desire memorable social things to do, the last thing thing they will want to do is to go back into their places of work to shop.

How do I get on Milled?